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Hardtalk on BBC World Service Radio- Vladimir Kara-Murza, Vice-Chairman of Open Russia

Hardtalk on BBC World Service Radio- Vladimir Kara-Murza, Vice-Chairman of Open Russia

Пример высокого уровня профессионального английского, 
которого можно достичь за несколько лет-
 одновременно пример гражданского мужества 
и точного анализа политического режима в России

Sarah Montague speaks to Vladimir Kara-Murza, Vice-Chairman of the pro-democracy movement Open Russia. He was rushed to hospital in Moscow when his organs started failing and says he knew immediately what was happening because the same thing had happened two years previously. Both times he claims, he was the victim of deliberate poisoning. He also claims he was targeted because of his opposition to President Putin and the Russian government. After his stay in Washington, where he is currently recovering, he intends to go back to Moscow. Does he still fear for his life?

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Project1917.com:"Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Project1917.com:"Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Download ebooks ( fb2, epub,mobi)  with all texts without pictures

Today is one of the greatest and most joyous days for Russia. What a day!
The world has gone mad and is dying before our very eyes.
-9°C. I had lunch upstairs with Lily. Horrible things are happening in St Petersburg. Revolution.
Riots broke out several days ago in Petrograd; regrettably soldiers have begun taking part in them. A vile feeling to be so far away and to receive scraps of bad news.
I went to the war minister and passed on through Nicky’s apparatus those measures that must be taken immediately as to calm the onset of the revolution, namely the resignation of the whole cabinet, and then entrusting Duke Lvov to chose a new cabinet at his discretion. I added that the answer should be given right now, since time does not wait, every hour is important. The answer was: do not make any changes before I arrive.
The Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich arrived in Petrograd, and we had a meeting with him in the company of the Chairman of the State Duma, his comrade Nekrasov, the secretary of the State Duma Dmitriyukov and member of the Duma Savich. See more
I don’t think much about the revolution. There is only one thought, one wish: to meet Anna Andreevna. I crossed the Neva on foot to avoid the barricades erected around the bridges. I remember a prison escapee, a boy aged about eighteen and seized by panic, who asked me for directions to the Varshavskiy train station. Staggering, I made my way to the house of Szreznevskiy, rung the bell and Anna Andreevna opened the door. “You? On a day like this? Officers are kidnapped on the streets”. – “I removed my epaulettes”. See more

Intercultural RU-EN 24- Русско-английский круглосуточный образовательный аудиоканал- Magicscope.TV Network

Intercultural RU-EN 24-  Русско-английский круглосуточный 
образовательный аудиоканал- Magicscope.TV Network

Русско-английские аудиоразговорники и рассказы, 

Films in English with english subtitles -24/7 Channel
-фильмы на английском с английскими субтитрами-учебные, развлекательные, 

документальные-24/7 Channel-Schedule-Вы можете также смотреть фильмы из программы 

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Permlive Radio- Russian music-24/7- Magiscope.TV Network

24/7 Audio-Channel - The Russian Soul in the music and songs of the 19-21 centuries
Русская душа в музыке и песнях 19-21 веков- круглосуточный интернет-радио канал 
( Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Cinema, Retro, Jazz, Cabaret, Instrumental )


 Alexey AiguiAlla Pugachyova, Anna German, Anna Netrebko, Yuri Antonov, Eduard Artemyev, Big Soviet Children's Choir, Leonid Desyatnikov, Dmitry Hvorostovsky, Dmitry Shostakovich, Elena Kamburova, Valery Gavrilin, Mikhail Glinka, Alexander Gradsky, Boris Grebenshchikov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Igor Talkov, Irina Bogushevskaya, Ivan Kupala, Igor Krutoy, Evgeny KrylatovAndrey MakarevichDmitry Malikov, Modest Musorgsky, Sergey Nikitin, Bulat Okudzhava, Oleg Mityaev, Oleg PogudinPelageya, Andrey Petrov, Valentina Ponomaryova, Sergey Prokofyev, Sergey Rachmaninov, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexey Rybnikov, Alfred Schnittke, Sergey Starostin, Igor Stravinsky, Georgy SviridovMikael TariverdievPyotr Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Todorovsky, Trio Meridian, Trio Relict, Victor Tsoy, Tunguska Electronic Music Society, Uma2rman, Vedan Kolod, Veronica Dolina, VIA Tatiana, Voronovo Krylo- Этнический проект "Вороново крыло" ( Perm)Zemfira and others

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Columbia Encyclopedia. Sixth edition

Columbia Encyclopedia. Sixth edition

The Columbia Encyclopedia is a one-volume encyclopedia[2] produced by Columbia University Press and in the last edition, sold by the Gale Group.[1] First published in 1935,[3]and continuing its relationship with Columbia University, the encyclopedia underwent major revisions in 1950 and 1963;[2] the current edition is the sixth, printed in 2000. It contains over 51,000 articles totaling some 6.5 million words and has also been published in two volumes.

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